Great St. Mary’s photographic exhibition

Michaelhouse Café, Cambridge, 12-24 November 2018

Seeking photographs and documents

The exhibition curators, Dr Julie Bounford and Caroline Biggs, are seeking photographs and documents (e.g. letters, diaries and postcards) that depict the role of the women of Cambridge in WW1.

These may come from formal archives and records held by organisations and historical societies, or alternatively, from members of the public who have family items that they would be willing to share.

Throughout July and August, Julie and Caroline will be researching prospective material for the exhibition via their own archival research and a via a plea to the public and to groups through the Window on the War project, starting with a launch during the Great St. Mary’s Family Activity Day on 14th July.


As a part of the project there will be an opportunity for volunteers to find out more about archival research, including how they may make the most of available resources in Cambridge and online. For example, we are planning a project related workshop that will introduce archival research resources and methods.

By volunteers, we mean anyone who has an interest in assisting Julie and Caroline, either by undertaking their own research (perhaps in relation to a specific theme or event centred on the Window on the War project) or by sharing a family item.

The final selection

Then, during September Julie and Caroline, as the exhibition curators, will select the images that will be featured in the final exhibition.

Please get in touch

If you have suggestions as to where we may usefully conduct our archival research, if you have a family item you are willing to share, or if you simply wish to help, we would love to hear from you.

Are there Cambridge women in your family who lived through WW1? Do you have letters, documents or photographs you’d be willing to share? Would you like to be involved as a volunteer and learn how to research archives? Are you an archivist who can assist Julie and Caroline? If so, we’d love to hear from you, please contact us.